Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tidy Plates

Let me first start out by apologizing for the lack of post since beginning this blog. I have been sick for a while and just couldn't get to it.

In a game like WOW there is fine a line between having the right amount of add-ons and having too many IMHO. In my years of play I have used an entire gambit of add-ons. Many of these were useful while others made you wonder why they were ever written in the first place. I currently use the NUI bundle along with a few that I have added in like my Blood shield tracker, auctioneer and inventory management. I also have the normal DBM, recount and Omen, which in my opinion if you play WOW for anything more than it's social networking capability you should have. I was recently introduced to another little add-on by my GM which I am adding to my list of "you shouldn't attempt to play without it" Tidy Plates makes "Control V" look like the garbage it is. When Threat Plates is added to that it becomes a tanks dream come true in AOE pulls. Depending on how you set them up the bars start in one color(for me it is red) then turn green when the tank has them. They also get smaller the more "threatened" they become. From the DPS side this really helps to because at a glance one knows that the tank has all of the mobs.

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